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It's All In the Family

Rooted in San Diego County, the Janeceks have deep connections with community through business ownership, philanthropy, and most importantly - Family


Our Family



Born and raised in San Diego, Tom has fostered a family, professional, and philanthropic life in the county. Beyond being a local business owner for over 30 years, Tom holds various seats on non-profit boards related to veteran support organizations and service canine groups. The family property was originally acquired to house kennels for a local service dog group, but when no longer needed, vines and wines were the next passion in line for use of the space.

Now retired, Tom spends his days with family, friends and partners cultivating the vineyard and working to continually improve the wines made on property...and enjoying the end results!

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Born in Camp Lejeune, NC, as a marine brat Delnora lived in numerous places - Quantico, VA, MacDill AFT - Tampa, FL, Okinawa, and Camp Pendleton where she ultimately ended up finishing High School at San Luis Rey Academy. She left San Diego temporarily to complete her degree at USC but found her way back while working with Ernst & Ernst / Ernst & Whinney where she met Tom. Married in 1989 and then working for the Union-Tribune Publishing Company in San Diego, Delnora retired when Hayley was born in 1990 and her role as Mom doubled with Ryan's born in 1994. Delnora became an engaged volunteer with multiple organization in San Diego and Los Angeles; notably being a founder with others of Center Stage Productions (a youth theatre non-profit) and an active board member of San Diego Musical Theatre.


Delnora's big project at the J Four vineyard is a massive cork project in the barn - come check it out!

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Ross & Hayley

Both Ross and Hayley have grown up in San Diego County, in fact they went to school together from kindergarten at L.R. Green through high school at San Pasqual. In the last year of college (Ross at UCSD and Hayley at USC) they reconnected in 2011. Ross and Hayley got married at the J Four vineyard in 2017 among close friends and family, and they have remained grounded in San Diego helping with the vineyard and wine production since the plants were rooted.

Hayley's always on the hunt for cool and unique insects as she works the vines, while Ross is most often found sitting on patio watching over the on-property lake - Lake Mary.

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The most mobile of the family members, Ryan attended Notre Dame after graduating locally from San Pasqual High School. From there he was in the Bay Area working for KPMG before traveling through South and Central America for about 5 months. While enjoying non-SoCal libations in his travels, there is nothing like returning home to enjoy time with the family and the results of the hard work.

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Our Dogs



Sophie came into our lives as a "live auction" item that I had to have!  She is a sweetie unless she is barking (in which case she is sweet, just louder!).  She loves to let you know if there is a person at the door, a coyote outside, or our neighbor in their yard.


Sophie is quite happy following Tom around the vineyard and quickly running down critters who catch her eye.




Leia can almost always be found at Tom's side, even when scaling the big boulders at the vineyard! Leia came to the Janecek family from a service dog organization (Tender Loving Canines Services Dogs) after it was found she had hip concerns making her ineligible to be a working dog. She now spends her days tending to the vineyard, taking mud baths, and subsequently being hosed off.



Also known as "Baby Bear", "Big Boy", and simply "W", Winston (a Newfoundland) doesn't stray too far from Mom and Dad (Hayley and Ross). Typically enjoying the cooled storage room in the barn, the shaded patio at the house with a bowl of cold water, or sniffing things he probably shouldn't in the production area, Winston will always great you with a warm welcome ... and a wet kiss. Watch out for the drool!

P.S. - Check out his Instagram!



The second Newfoundland of Ross and Hayley's, and the youngest of the pack, DiAngelo is on track to be the largest of them all! He is a sweet and attention seeking boy always looking for someone to lean up against and get pets. Recognized by his white tipped feet ("socks"), tipped tail, and spotted chest, he is unmissable around the property.

P.S. - Check out his Instagram!



Our Partners

Winegrower Consulting

 Nicole Warady


Nicole is the Owner of Winegrower Consulting. She worked in winery labs in Napa and Sonoma before attending Napa Valley College, where she earned an AS in Viticulture. After working in irrigation monitoring, she then became the Viticulturalist for Beckstoffer Vineyards where she was responsible for over 1000 acres. She now consults for Wineries and Vineyards throughout Orange and San Diego Counties.

"Not only is the vineyard at J Four extremely balanced, but the wines that Tom has created have amazing body and complexity."


Forgotten Barrel

Forgotten Barrel offers a wide selection of premium hand crafted wines using fruit sourced from Napa, Sonoma, Central Coast and San Diego County.

Forgotten Barrel Winery and Tasting Room is proud to be part of the history of Escondido and San Diego wine.  Rodger Grove, owner of Forgotten Barrel purchased the historic Ferrara Winery in 2016 and started renovations in early 2017, and opened the tasting room June of 2017. The restoration project is now completed.

The reincarnation of the former Ferrara Winery has transformed this once-forgotten homestead into a tranquil rustic hideaway in the city. Our winemaker, John Eppler, hails from Northern California, having worked in Napa for Robert Mondavi, Rosenblum Cellars, and his own brand, John Robert Eppler Wines. Visitors are sure to enjoy a friendly and relaxed wine tasting that will long be savored.

Rodger Grove


John Eppler



Stehly Grove Management
 Al Stehly


Supporting the installation of the vineyard and ongoing maintenance, the Stehly team has been a large supporter of the J4 development and continued improvement. The Stehly group has a strong presence in San Diego County, providing produce to local markets and advisement to other agricultural institutions. 

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